What´s the matter ?

I selected me the hobby ancestor investigation. It is a puzzle which takes no end. Nevertheless it makes ream pass and one becomes acquainted with every lot of nice people!

Unfortunately, I can not to back pursue my pedigree to that famous Adam and its pretty wife Eve.

I above all also have difficulties to come further back than  into year 1650. At that time, many churches are burned down in civil war and unfortunately in this way, too the whole church books.
Therefore, the existing persons who are somehow or other allied to me interest me. I of course also gathered information about certain generations, requested the siblings and its descendants then however.
Here an example over that I very pleased me have. A me until then unknown relatives, Karl Aurnhammer (cousin of 2nd degree of my father) was so friendly and has me a picture its &large father (= my &large father) left for my collection.
my grandgrandfatherAlois Aurnhammer, 
bricklayer and musician,

*1817, + 1884

his wife Christina Wilhelmina geb. Mayer
* 1821, + 1905

There are at the moment 6 different lines Aurnhammer in Germany. The further however one goes back with generations, a common geographical origin becomes all the more more unambiguous. I would like to almost go so far and might maintain Aurnhammer existing today, almost aller and Auernhammer are allied with each other.
The more I receive data and information, the general survey becomes all the more more detailed. My file contains 2400 persons and 750 families at the moment. To this every lot of photographs and other documents. These data are available on a CD-ROM which can be requested with me.
(Only from namesakes or relatives, without commercial background)
He is cordially welcome who therefore is called Aurnhammer or Auernhammer or finds themselves in the name list to read the further pages via this topic.