what has to do Mozart with the name Aurnhammer?

Josepha Barbara Aurnhammer, born on 25.09.1758 in Vienna, died on January 30th, 1820, was the 11th of 15 children of the economy advice Johann Michael Aurnhammer. The mother originated from the musician family Timmer. Piano pupil was Josepha of Gs. Ms. Richter and L. Kozeloch, before they of SHALLOWS 1781 pupil AMP. Mozart was. A vehement passion of the ugly girl for her teacher remained non-replied seems to be soon faded away again. A narrow personal contact nevertheless remained 1781 especially in the years and 1782 exist.

Mozart made music with her on November 23rd, 1781, beginning January 1782, May 26th, 1782, November 23rd, 1782, October maybe 31st, 1784 and February 24th 1785th. He dedicated 6 piano sonatas to her and she checked the printing of his factories.

She first had the intention "to go honestly to study after 2 or 3 years and then to go to Paris and to make profession of it". The death of her father on March 22nd, 1782 seems however to have brought her into pressed situation. An offer, into the services of the earl, L. JOULE It did not become realized to step Kuenburg into salt castle. In autumn 1782, Josepha free through procurement Mozarts board and flat with the baroness received M. E. Forest places. 1786 got married they the municipal council advice Johann Bessenig (around 1752 - however, 1837), further seemed as pianist and piano teacher below its girl's name. At the turn of the century, it almost gave an own concert in the castle theater every year. Your Marianna, verehelichte Czegka, activated daughter itself as a singer (1809 - 1814 at the Kaerntnertortheater), song teacher and composer below the name alluvial plane home.

The earliest judgment on the piano game Josepha Aurnhammers comes from the feather Mozarts. He wrote 1781 to his father: "Das freulle is a monster! - but is playing however to the only delight leaves her the taste in the Cantabile singing true, fine ones off they verzupft everything". Always low reminiscence found Josepha after the turn of the century. Your career ended in 1813, to close according to the reviews, with failure of a concert given together with her daughter, it played in which one she and other Beethovens concert C.