Kriegerdenkmal in Kirchheim am Ries

Aurnhammer oder Auernhammer

With our name, one not for this reason around comes to have to spell constantly. Therefore, I report myself to the phone with Auernhammer (the name is yes not to otherwise be pronounced). I then spell during demand immediately: *Anton *Ulrich *Richard *Nordpol *Hammer. My vis-a-vis mostly however then included the name correctly. However, it seems in the course of the centuries to have been again and again problems with our name. If the appropriate Aurnhammer did not pay attention and/or itself could not read and write, the name was written wrongly itself in the registry office and the church books. If the grandfather was still called Aurnhammer, the son of Auernhammer and of the grandsons was then called Aurnhammer again. - because the name was also written on the duplicating m with the stroke, also exist today Aurnhamer´ s.

Now, I would like to show you here an example. Two war memorials are in the birth city of my ancestors, Kirchheim am Ries:

This war memorial is in the local middle of Kirchheim am Ries

A further memory board is on the cemetery at the cloister:

Can it be that it was two August? - an Aurnhammer and a Auernhammer? And both ones on the same day of favours are? - Kirchheim had 300 inhabitants at that time approximately. Schlamperei with our name - therefore - again so silly non-ferrous!