Wappen / Wappenkunde

The oldest known Aurnhammer coat of arms is to be seen in the state archive in Nuremberg.
As first known coat of arms carriers, one mentions:

  Aurnhammer, Leonhard 1646 at Nördlingen and
  Aurnhammer Hanns, 1700 in Nördlingen too

(A photograph of this coat of arms exhibited for me Dr. Hans-Herbert Aurnhammer of Donauwoerth)

This our direct one led coat of arms go
August Aurnhammer (1852 - 1936)
in Ellwangen so this is my coat of arms

It is interesting to see it in again and again with other carrying out:
There is this coat of arms e.g. as a cast-iron blackboard, as a ring, as a picture, as a amulet, as wood plates,
and so forth

All possible coats of arms from Franconians (also this here)  are
 gathered below the following Internet address